Katie Statman-Weil, LCSW, MS

Parent and Teacher Guidance Classes

Do you find yourself spending your day yelling, refereeing fights, or treating your children in ways that you later regret? Despite our best efforts, it is easy to slip into guidance patterns that we know are not working. We inadvertently create fear, anger, and negativity in the family or the classroom environment.

We want our children to feel strong, to enjoy high self-esteem, and to learn to make wise decisions in the face of peer pressure. We can learn to become skilled, confident, and nurturing adult role models. We can learn techniques of listening to our own and our children’s feelings, and treating all people with respect.

In Katie's parenting classes, you will learn positive communication techniques.

You will gain skills in:
• Building cooperative, respectful relationships
• Imparting high self-esteem
• Resolving conflicts
• Setting limits
• Developing your children’s heart
• Improving sibling relationships
• Fostering a nurturing environment

Following up the parenting classes with parent counseling or the Parent Support Group "The Nurtured Parent" can be a successful way to integrate your new skills into your daily life.

This class is ideal for both parents and early childhood educators who are interested in creating compassionate, communicative, and safe environments for children.

The cost for this 4-week Parenting Class is $100 per person.